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We have over 20 years of experience working shoulder to shoulder with our customers; we invest in building an efficient and productive relationship focused on results and benefits realization.

As a continued effort to provide high quality technology service to our customers, Bitmore designed a Flexible IT Delivery Methodology (FlexBIT™) with the overall business operation in mind.  We understand that IT Departments do not operate in a vacuum, and there a multiple of business drivers that influence how IT departments are structured, funded, supported, integrated, and maintained.   We find it is specifically critical for Small to Mid-Sized Business (SMB) environments where funding and other resources are limited; and successful project execution is vital.

 Some of the benefits of our FlexBIT™ methodology are:

        ·         an effective integration of business and IT

        ·         a reduction in IT cost of up to 30 percent or more

        ·         IT expenditures redirection from non-strategic projects to strategic ones

        ·         Improved ROI on IT investments

        ·         Increased IT efficiency and effectiveness





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