Application Modernization

Over the years your organization either created or inherited a series of legacy applications which are still critical to your business operation. For many companies the cost, risk, and feasibility of replacing these applications with a new suite of business applications, is out of the question.

Instead of recreating these applications, company executives are realizing that in many instances it makes more economical sense to reuse, repurpose; or update their legacy applications in order to meet new business requirements.

What is Application Modernization? In short, it is the effort to update or transform existing legacy systems to meet the challenge of delivering new business application capabilities.

Bitmore can help you develop a modernization roadmap and directly link it to business issues; for better prioritization, and serve as the guide to which application are the most critical, how and when to address them.

Some of the benefits of modernization are:

  • Improved quality, reliability or performance of existing applications
  • Improved Security
  • Higher user acceptance
  • Improved regulatory compliance

Whether your environment requires a complete rewrite or not, we can assist you in implementing a cost effective solution, on time and within budget. 



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