The Nearshore Advantage

Take advantage of the benefits of outsourcing with Bitmore. We know that in the real world it is difficult to be on the same page when your IT staff is halfway around the world. That is why our development center is in the same time zone you are. We work, when you work.

Bitmore Development Center

Our delivery center is located in Aguascalientes, Mexico. The city is known as the “heart” of Mexico because it lies in the middle of the country. Because of its central location it has quickly become one of the best states in terms of business and investment in Mexico. Through the city’s IT cluster and top universities, Bitmore has been able to acquire a rich and diverse talent pool to provide the following services:

¨ Custom Application Development

¨ Application Management and Support

¨ Application Integration

¨ Application Migration & Modernization

¨ Application Testing

¨ Nearshore Staff Augmentation

As a true delivery center, our resources are ready when you need them. That is IT ON Demand.

Leverage proximity

It’s a two hour flight from our delivery center to Dallas or Houston. Use this to your advantage. Our IT staff can fly in and be onsite to earn your trust, facilitate knowledge transfers, or work side by side with your employees.

Lower costs

Sometimes your biggest challenge is sticking to your IT budget. Between IT services and IT infrastructure you could end up spending a small fortune. Bitmore helps relieve the pressure by providing both IT services and IT infrastructure services.

Cultural Affinity

Because of NAFTA and the daily exchange of goods and services between Mexico and the US, no country is more familiar with US business practices. This means better communication, less time wasted, and quicker results.

IP Protection

Because Mexico is part of NAFTA it provides far better intellectual property protection than any other country with similar labor rates. In addition, NAFTA’s framework allows for BItmore’s resources to travel freely between the US and Mexico, allowing for more face-to-face interaction when needed.

Our Approach

At Bitmore we understand that there’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” delivery strategy. We spend time with our clients to customize a solution to your business and to your needs. Contact us today so that we can help you reach your goals and keep your business in sync.



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Mexico Development Center
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Bosques del Prado Norte
Aguascalientes, Ags. 20127

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