CheckBit - Check Cashing System

CheckBit is an application that manages, executes and controls check cashing operations with automated processes, user-friendly interfaces and customizable reports. It incorporates the complete process from the check scanning up to the point where it's paid.


- Flexible to any size operation 
- Internet Based Console 
- Integrated Point of Sale 
- Fast and easy to use with auto-population of existing contact information. 
- Increased security. Using biometrics with finger print option allows you to identify your customers and helps reduce identity theft issues 
- Greater accuracy. MICR Imaging feature to read check's MICR line and capture its image on both sides 
- Debit card deposit option instead of giving cash 
- Bilingual (English / Spanish) 


CheckBit is a Web based application; this means it can be easily implemented with minimum requirements. The complete application is comprised of 2 different components:

Point of Sale (POS) Application:


The POS Application has as an "easy to use" wizard that guides the user through the process of cashing a check in a blink of an eye with all the validations needed for the process. It has a fast way to retrieve existing customer information with biometrics, and also retrieves main information of an existing issuer through the check scanner. In the agent application you will be able to process transactions that required further approval as well as collect the money of a returned check.

Corporate Application:

The Corporate Application allows you to manage and monitor your operation remotely. In case there is a need to further check on a transaction based on business rules, CheckBit has a module for approval where the agent will be notified of your decision as soon as you make it. There is no need to wait on the phone to communicate with the POS or wait until the fax works; CheckBit informs the cashier automatically. 


CheckBit can be installed for you on our servers or we can install it on yours. The following are the minimum requirements if you would like the application on your servers:

• Windows 2000 Server 
• IIS 6.0 
• Microsoft Framework .Net 2.0 and related requirements 
• SQL Server 2005 & Reporting Services 2005
• IT infrastructure 
• Internet Connection 
• Firewall Protection 
• Data backups 


Bitmore provides support services to avoid operational risks and expedite problem resolution with the convenience of a single support agreement that covers your application. We will give you one free month of support services after installation of any application back up by the superior quality of Bitmore assistance.



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