TransBit - Money Transfer System

TransBit is an application that manages, executes and controls Money Transmitter operations with automated processes, user-friendly interfaces and customizable reports. It incorporates the complete process from the creation of the transaction up to the point where it's paid.

TransBit is a Web based application; this means it can be easily implemented with minimum requirements.


 - Web Based application:

1. Secure real time transactions
2. It can be easily implemented and with minimum requirements
3. Secure centralized access control

- Easy to use point of sale application
- Flexible and configurable parameters such as transaction fees, spreads, countries, etc.
- Multiple currencies to various countries
- Fits any operation size
- Off-the-Box Interfaces

1. Payer - Gateway
2. Accounting Software
3. Loyalty Programs
4. Fax Server Software

- Customizable to fit your business strategy 
- Low Operational Costs through automated processes such as:

1. Gateway and payer interfaces
2. Patriot Act / Compliance validation (KYC, OFAC/SDN)
3. Report Faxing / Scheduling
4. One Click Exchange Rate updates

- Bilingual English-Spanish: 

Users can easily switch languages by the click of a button; the application has acentralized user control access and supports multiple currencies with different destination countries.

Corporate Application:

The Corporate Application allows currency and payer management, agent management, and accounts receivable. It also has configurable system rules that can automatically inspect each transaction as it's received. TransBit can also hold transactions to be manually inspected by the Compliance Office either to check it against the OFAC list or to verify the Identification information of the customer.

Payer Interfaces:

TransBit has different processing services depending on the payers. TransBit can currently be connected to the following gateways: BTS (Automatic Process), Banamex (Manual Process), Bital (Automatic Process), Banorte (Automatic Process), FAMSA (Automatic Process).


 - Web Application with centralized server
- Implementation requires only a PC with Internet access.
- Development Tools 

1. Microsoft .NET
2. Code written in C#. 
3. Reports generated through SQL Reporting Services, part of the Visual Studio .NET development environment.

  Tested with:
1. Windows Server 2000 
2. Windows Server 2003 

- Data Base
1. Microsoft SQL Server 2005



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